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Sankalp is a unique integrated service of
  • Puroga (leadership intervention).
  • Maanush (People processes).
  • Kriya (Business process).

combined together and offered by the BuildHr consultants.This integrated solution is especially meant for start-ups, small family managed businesses and SME’s where we take a holistic approach towards organisation development through advancements in business processes and people processes and leadership development.

Sankalp is a flagship service of BuildHr and we have worked with more than 40 companies offering Sankalp. With each company our consultants have spent a minimum of 1 year to even up to over 3 years continually and facilitated in establishing HR systems, Business processes addressing the QCDMS (quality, cost, delivery, morale and Safety) aspects of products and services and have worked extensively with the leadership team in enabling them to demonstrate the right kind of leadership behaviours.


Puroga (Leadership Development)

We develop specific and customised modules for each category of leadership and facilitate structured programmes that includes

  • Leadership competency mapping.
  • Competency assessment of individuals.
  • Structured individual development plan based on assessment.
  • Leadership development intervention programme including.
    • Group learning.
    • Individual coaching.
  • Application of learnings through real time projects, on the Job assignments.
  • Evaluation of the learnings and measuring the effectiveness.

Maanush (People Processes)

Maanush includes designing and implementing key people related processes with an objective to identify talented people, put them on a suitable role, establish their connect with the organisation through goals and objectives, monitor their performance and contributions, groom them through training and learning opportunities, measure their effectiveness and reward them suitably.

This particular service includes

  • The Organisation Design (Organisation Structure and defining roles and responsibilities).
  • Performance Management System,(Performance planning, performance monitoring system, Feedback and appraisals, rewards and recognition system.
  • Training and Development (functional and general managerial training).
  • HR policy and procedures manual Design.

Kriya (Business Processes)

From experience, BuildHr has learnt that addressing Leadership issues and HR processes alone does not cater to a holistic business growth. The gaps in the business processes needs to be addressed to ensure and sustain organisational effectiveness.

BuildHr consultants have engineering experts to address the business process requirements of the organisation. The process includes

  • ‘As is’ study of existing processes (macro and micro levels).
  • Identifying key improvement areas.
  • Establishing task force for each area and facilitating improvement initiatives.
  • Evolving ‘To Be’ processes along with the team.
  • Support in appropriate documentation of Level1, Level 2, Level 3and Level 4 documentation (Policies, Processes, SOPs and Work Instructions, Formats and Checklists).


  • A very definite improvement in the organisational performance impacting top-line and bottom-line.
  • Better throughput and support processes addressing the customer requirements.
  • Performance oriented Culture and an authentic way to evaluate employee performance.
  • Motivated employees and leaders who get more involved with their work and with the organisation.