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HR in a Box

Maslow demystified the aspirational process of life by classifying human needs into neat buckets of Basic needs, Safety & Security needs, Socialisation and Self-esteem needs. When all these are achieved, the individual looks for achieving Self-actualisation.

Today’s world is convenience driven – we have cracked the secret of how to keep focusing on the higher order needs by simplifying routine tasks to an extent that they become available to us without much effort – whether pre-cooked food and tetra packs or third party home maintenance or outsourced non-core activities. We look for easy solutions to de-clutter at least some of the challenges of life.

One of the biggest challenges for SMEs today is to manage their HR functions with regard to implenting their basic maintenance HR activities like

  • Time Office
  • Payroll Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Statutory Compliance
  • HR Legal Issues
  • Working Protocols and Leave
  • HR Policy Implementation
  • Contract Management

There is also a need to adapt and apply certain simple tools with respect to performance management, training and competency development in order to ensure employee productivity and effectiveness.

The constant struggle is in determining whether their HR function is doing the right thing in terms of all the above so that they meet the basic level of compliance. They are also unable to recruit the right resources that will be able to do this for them.


To help them meet these basic requirements, we’d like to offer ‘HR IN A BOX’. There is all that you need to run a basic level of HR management in a company, meet statutory requirements, employee expectations and performance standards. You will find that your HR Executive is equipped to deal with the simple to the most challenging questions on policies, procedures, practices and formats.

BuildHr Consultants will provide the complete end-to-end HR design and documentation including all forms and formats to be used. It will be available ready made to the HR team of your company. We will support in implementation for a period of 4-6 months on site and ensure proper training to use the system effectively and transfer technology.


  • End-to-end HR documentation and formats ready to use
  • Complete alignment with statutory requirements
  • HR system in the most simplified yet in an effective form
  • Training to your existing HR team professionals and making them effective
  • Culmination of all the expertise of experienced HR